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Spray Disinfection Robot

Bubble Fish

Intelligent one-stop solution for high-risk
and daily environmental disinfection.

The Novelte Bubble Fish Spray Disinfection Robot can effectively purify the air, precisely eliminate the coronavirus and a variety of common epidemic bacteria.


Precise Disinfection

360° full coverage without dead corner, sterilization rate reaches over 99.9%


Intelligent obstacle avoidance

Precise radar for automatic navigation and obstacle avoidance.

High Spraying Efficiency

Tank Volume reaches 12L,
Spraying Efficiency is up to 2.6 L/H


App Operation

Based on the construction among robot and data communication, Novelte Robot Disinfection System ensures that each robot can connect through a phone application, realize the transparency of work data (such as disinfection log, machine state, etc.), database storage, and remote control of the robot.


With this system, users can manage and trace the current and previous disinfection work in a closed-loop.


Robot Details

Bubble Fish Spray Disinfection Robot

High-tech Automatic Disinfection, Multi-scene Applicable

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