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Defender M1

Defender M1(1).png
  • Easy to Operate

  • 360 Sterilization Spraying

  • Large Capacity Tank

  • Automatic Recharge

  • Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance

  • Cloud Management System

  • Automated and Scheduled Tasks

Defender M1(1).png

Fully automatic disinfection to reduce cross infection due to human operation. Intelligent one-stop solution for disinfection in high-risk environment during epidemic and daily disinfection in normal environment after epidemic.

• Automated disinfection

• Obstacle avoidance

• Autonomous navigation

• Comprehensive         360° disinfection       coverage 

Reliable movement abilities
• Maximum speed: 0.6 m/s

• Maximum slope: 8°

• Obstacle crossing height: <10 mm

• Minimum passing wigth: 700 mm

Reduce contact
• Automatic and scheduled         disfinfection tasks

Competitive Pricing Disinfection Robot

DefenderM1 Info.png
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