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AIMO 301

Intelligent Mobility Platform for Security Patrolling

Autonomous Patrol

- Automatically patrol Pre-routed Areas

- Smart Obstacle Avoidance

- 360° AI Monitoring System

Control Manually

- Live Streaming Videos & Remote Control

- Handheld Controller

- Support WiFi16 / 5G network

Self-charging Function

- Auto return to charging dock when in low battery

- Auto charge after mission completed


Customizable Display Screen

HD images and videos can be uploaded to the robot remotely and displayed on the display screens in order to alert or inform the surroundings. 

360 Degree AI Monitoring

There are multiple cameras available for different scenarios.

And can be programmed to perform various operations.


Facial Recognition

Plate Identification

and Capture

Intelligent Upgrades

Multi-Scenarios Application


Commercial Mall

Large Facility

Residential Area

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