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Hospital Solution

Robotics technology offers more innovative solutions to optimise manpower, resources and also to streamline our processes in hospitals. With the aging population, patients are getting more and more complex. Staff are getting more and more overworked. By leveraging robotics, hospitals can alleviate problems like high patient loads and a tight workforce.


Receptionist / Registration

Our ambassador robot can act as a concierge at the emergency department. Providing useful information, answering questions, providing tour guide, or even handling registration/ bookings with additional hardware.

Application Area: Help Desk, Emergency Department, Registration Counter, etc

Recommended Robot:


Heavy Duties / Supplies Delivery

With Novelte's E-system, robots can connect with the elevator, access control, gate machine, to achieve cross-floor delivery.

Robots can carry heavy supplies such as linen or garbage and deliver to any location. They can provide secured and sterilized supplies delivery to different wards.

Application Area: Wards, Storage

Recommended Robot:


Medication Delivery

With an additional smart cabin and management system, our robots can securely deliver medications with various information for management. Robots can collect medications from pharmacy and travel to different departments with the help of our E-system.

Application Area: Pharmacy, Ward

Recommended Robot:


Cleaning and Disinfection

Our cleaning and disinfection robots can be integrated with elevators, access control, and gate machines in order to achieve cross-floor automatic cleaning. Providing the best and most hygienic environment to patients and staff.

Application Area: Main Lobby, Wards, Departments

Recommended Robot:

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