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Industrial Cleaning Robot

EcoBot 75

Productive. Effective. Smart.

EcoBot 75 is equipped with 20+ sensors around the machine body that guarantees superb environmental perception and intelligent obstacle avoidance. It is arguably the first-ever cleaning robot to stop incomplete cleaning once and for all. With revolutionary Turnado technology and offset brush head design, no corner or edge will ever be left out again. Despite having an innovative front-mounted brush head, an ergonomic steering wheel and a stand-on pedal, EcoBot 75 is surprisingly agile..


75-2_9_3-1 copy.png

Superb Productivity

• Scrubbing, sweeping, dust mopping, and degreasing

• Up to 3,000 ㎡/h cleaning efficiency

Best-in-class Sensing

Market-leading sensor system consisting of

3D LiDAR, 2D Laser, 3D Cameras

5-Stage Filtration System

Reducing around 80% fresh water consumption

Ergonomic Manual Mode

Equipped with stand-on pedal and steering wheel

for users to effortlessly carry the machine around

Minimal Human Maintenance

Optional workstation for self-docking charging,

water refill and discharge

270° Rotational Scrub Deck

Accessing and cleaning 90° corners

Oil Stain Cleaning

Able to mark oil stains on the map

and perform thorough oil cleaning

75-2_9_3-1 copy.png
IFSC_GS Robots Outlines_221003-03.webp

Machine Dimension

Clean/Recovery Water Tank Capacity

Max. Cleaning Efficiency

Min. Cleaning Distance From The Wall

Battery Life

Charging Time

Max Speed

Path Clearance Min





≈ 4~6 H

≈ 6 H



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