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Food Waste Solution

Smart Food Waste Machine

  • Reduce food waste size by separating Water, Oil, and Solid waste.

  • With a backend platform to trace the record and waste management efficiency.

  • Offering one one-stop solution including waste collection, delivery, and handling with dedicated reports.

  • Automatic disinfection and sterilization and biochemical strain

  • Processing Rate 350Kg/hour

Kitchen Food Waste

Canteen Food Waste

Oil > Biodiesel

Food Slag that could be collected by factories

Water that passed emission standard

Solution Benefits

Reduce the cost of the MSW Charges

Using food waste equipment to introduce environmental automation technology in the food waste processing line can save costs in the long run, and even increase profits. It can improve the environmental hygiene standards of the construction industry, form a good life culture and establish an image, and have a chance to win environmental awards and certification.


Food waste can be fully Reuse

The use of food waste processing machines can greatly reduce the pollution of by-products produced in on-site dining halls and kitchens and can be converted into energy to promote and implement the concept of "optimizing the life culture and mode of the construction industry",  improve the quality and image of employees in the construction industry, and enhance corporate social responsibility.

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